Are you travelling soon?

You should be!

There’s so many interesting people to meet, and beautiful places to see in this world of ours.

But whether you are on a weekend break or a multi-year round the world trip, there are ways to make your trip safer; not to mention important reactions to emergency situations that can help keep you safe.

What happens when something goes wrong?

We plan our trips, make some extra space in the budget for a missed train, and work our way through some phrasebooks when we’re getting ready to go. But we seldom spend any time looking at our safety… and at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

  • Do you know what to do if you get in a car with a dodgy taxi driver?
  • If you get mugged in a foreign country?
  • If you develop a sickness abroad?
  • If there’s an earthquake or flood?

Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers will help you to prepare for all this and much more. It’s a small investment that pays dividends in peace of mind… and might just save your life.

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Are you prepared for a terrorist attack?

It seems there’s so much talk of terrorist attacks these days; the media hype is definitely out of proportion with the danger. But what would you do if a bomb rocked your hotel? If fire started? How would you react to a riot forming in your neighbourhood, or a rocket launched at your resort compound?

These things are really unlikely to happen… but they do happen every month. We have the stories and skills to help you survive.

How do you avoid problems at borders?

Crossing borders is something that every international traveller has to do, and it can be dead simple or fraught with problems. We discuss everything from drug plants to passport stamps to ensure that your plans aren’t turned to custard when entering or leaving a country.

Be prepared

Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers covers lots more, including:

  • Flights, ferries and transport
  • Border crossings
  • Health recommendations
  • Insurance advice
  • Natural disasters
  • Criminal threats
  • Extortion and kidnapping attempts
  • Sexual attacks

A small investment now can help you be prepared for the worst that travel has to throw at you, so you can go ahead and enjoy all the best that the world has to offer.

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