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In 2010 Craig Bidois, the Director of a security consulting company got in touch with a travel podcaster Craig Martin. Bidois was frustrated by the quality of travel safety information available to everyday travellers. Books were dull or out of date; magazine articles were so brief; blog posts sometimes giving dangerous advice. What could they do?

Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers was born out of this frustration. Finally a book written by experts — a consultant and a full-time traveller — that went beyond cliches. A book that told real stories. A book that dealt with some of the scary realities of travel — from drug plants to kidnapping.

But the important thing is that Travel Safety doesn’t leave you scared about leaving home. The authors’ love of travel really shines through, and their dry sense of humour shows its head as well. Travel Safety is a book that business people can read and put into practice, parents can buy for their children as they head off on their worldwide adventures, families can make use of as they go on vacation.

About the authors

Craig Bidois

Craig Bidois is New Zealand’s most experienced travel and personal security risk practitioner.

He is one of a select few certified to train United Nations executives in security, and one of the very few New Zealanders to be awarded the Iraq Reconstruction Medal by the British Government for his dedicated work under extreme conditions to help rebuild the Iraqi Security Forces. From humanitarian staff to corporate travellers, Craig Bidois has trained over 15,000 people in travel safety.

He currently serves as the Managing Director of Fearfree.co.nz, a New Zealand-based training and safety-monitoring company serving businesses around the world.

Find out more about Craig Bidois on Fearfree.co.nz’s website.

Craig Martin

Craig Martin travels. A lot. Since February 2006 he and his wife, Linda, have been virtually homeless as they travel around the world.

He brought his love of travel together with a degree in English Literature and Film, TV and Media Studies to create the award-winning website, Indie Travel Podcast which allows you to download travel “radio” shows and videos free of charge, as well as hosting a vibrant independent travel community. From there, Indie Travel Media Ltd took off as a niche travel-publishing company, serving hundreds of thousands of readers each year.

He’s been pick-pocketed, caught in earthquakes and sucked in by scams, and has learned from all of it.

Chat to Craig Martin on Twitter, via the Indie Travel Podcast, or on Facebook.

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