Do your staff travel for business?

Corporate travel safety  The laws of most countries place a duty of care on your company if your staff are travelling for business. Whether that’s across State or across continents, what are you doing to keep your staff safe?

Are you giving them the tools and training they need?

How do you cover your Duty of Care?

We’re all for travel safety training and consulting, but how do you keep pertinent issues in front of your travellers when all the experts go away? Does HR have a framework for conversation with staff who are travelling?

A copy of Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers goes a long way towards helping your staff stay safe, and helping your business become compliant with local laws.*

Prepare your staff

Preparation isn’t just for boy scouts, it’s for professionals. Your staff are trained in negotiation, sales and culture before they leave the office, but how will they deal with a dodgy taxi driver or a kidnapping? What happens if they fall into a honeytrap and their laptop is stolen? If a terrorist bomb goes off in their hotel?

These are the real questions that businesses must face — for the security of their data and of their staff. These are the types of situations we cover in Travel Safety.

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* Indie Travel Media Ltd cannot guarantee a copy of Travel Safety: Safety Tips For Personal And Corporate Travellers will indemnify you against any legal action, nor do we believe it will suffice as the complete training solution for your business. We recommend it as a part of your company’s training needs.